Parent of an Angel Keychain
Parent of an Angel Keychain
Parent of an Angel Keychain
Parent of an Angel Keychain
Parent of an Angel Keychain

Parent of an Angel Keychain

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This memorial keychain honors the memory of a lost pregnancy in a simple and sweet way . It creates the perfect remembrance of knowing your little one is watching over you. Keeping something tangible to remember them by offers something words cannot when working through grief.

When I faced my first pregnancy loss there were no words to ease the pain or provide comfort. The best comfort I found was knowing I was not alone and receiving something that let me know I was being thought of and most of all that the life I lost was acknowledged. In turn I created my collection of memorial pieces to help others through their grief as well. I quickly became known for memorial related creations because customers loved knowing I could relate to what they were going through; adding to the beauty behind the creations.

Make sure to check out all the differing memorial pieces I offer. I'm always working on unique ways to help others remember loved ones.


Keychain comes with an aluminum rectangle (1" x 2") stamped with ____ of an angel (you fill in the blank with mommy or daddy). For finishing touch an angel baby design is added under wording

•Metal blanks I use for stamping are in raw form and not plated so you don't have to worry about them chipping or peeling. Also, perfect for those who loved when metals change through oxidization, if not you can always polish with a polishing cloth, propolish pad is my go to.
•keyring and components  are made of solid stainless steel, providing you with strength and tarnish resistance.

Note that aluminum is naturally light weight and being a softer metal is more susceptible to markings, however, many love the worn look that can happen as well the all silver look.

hand stamping jewelry

Hand stamping is the process where I use forged metal stamps, which contain letters, numbers, punctuation or designs, a hammer and steel block. I individually strike each letter, number, punctuation or design into the metal to leave an impression. I do not use a machine, nor a press. Many confuse engraving to be the same as hand-stamping, however, it is a very different process. Engraving is machine done in which metal is taken away and usually has no character charm. With hand stamping spacing and impression depth is not exact, which is a charm to the process of hand stamping pieces. It is not to be seen as a flaw, but rather a perfectly imperfect custom hand made unique piece for you to treasure. This has become a form many love and appreciate.

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