I’ve always loved helping others. Since I was young I would find ways to help and give back to others through random acts of kindness (before it became a thing). So when Soul Cyster Creations™ came about I wanted it to be centered around the idea of giving back to others. Reminding us we can each make a difference even in the smallest of ways.  My personal journey with PCOS, infertility and reoccurring loss connected me with countless individuals and I want to help make a difference for those experiencing or have experienced similar circumstances. 

This is why I started to give back in differing ways, which has evolved over the years to adding more ways. 

I currently give back in the following ways:

Supporting Local Causes:

Halos of St Croix Valley (coming 2023 or 2024) will be supplying Halos (New Richmond, WI) with items to put in their boxes they provide to hospitals to give out to parents of loss, as well as the boxes they give out directly to parents of loss.

Baby Dust Packets for Fertility Clinics (coming 2023 or 2024) will be supplying local fertility clinics with little baby dust packets to hand to their clients going through this difficult journey. The goal is to expand this beyond just locally.

Give Aways I do:

Annual Baby Dust Giveaway (since 2014) happens every April.
Annual Pregnancy & Infant Loss Giveaway (since 2015) happens every October
Bereaved Mother’s Day Gift (coming 2023)
Bereaved Father’s Day Gift (coming 2023)


I am blessed and extremely grateful that through your continued support of my small business I can give back and connect with so many and I can’t even begin properly express my gratitude.

I would love to work with others wanting to raise money for a specific cause, so please reach out if you feel Soul Cyster Creations™ would be a good fit in helping you give back to a worthy cause through a giving back fundraiser!


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