Meet Christina


owner of Soul Cyster Creations

Being diagnosed with PCOS sent my life in a direction I wasn’t prepared for in the least; I faced cancer scares, blood disease concerns, infertility, reoccurring losses and more. While at first it seemed like complete chaos I discovered a way to make sense of everything and through the struggle and pain Soul Cyster Creations™ was born. 

From creating free bracelets for those in my support group and blogging days, to selling on Facebook, to opening an Etsy shop to selling on my own website. I could never have imagined how far I would come, or for that matter envision Soul Cyster Creations™ becoming what it has.

Almost 12 years later and Soul Cyster Creations™ has become known for offering support during the most difficult of times, providing creations that help with healing & encouragement, to even helping to share stories. A place with compassionate understanding when it comes to dealing with PCOS, infertility and loss. It has become my passion in which I always want Soul Cyster Creations™ to be known for putting my soul and heart into each creation. While being known for the connects I make with each individual I create something for. These things are what I believe sets me apart from most shopping experiences you have online.


My name started based of my name from my blogging days. The Soul Cyster part carried over to my store because it had been something I was known for. It, also, speaks to where my beginnings came from being diagnosed with PCOS and the beautiful community I found due to it. Without facing the trials and pain I have due to PCOS, infertility and loss I would not be who I am today. It gave birth and purpose to my store. To further give meaning I added a butterfly because to me butterflies have always signified something meaningful, but most of all it reminds me how I choose to face my life each and every day.

Change happens to us all, and often times without warning.  A caterpillar is forced to change and goes through a lot in a short amount of time just to become a beautiful free butterfly. This reminds me while I may not have had a choice in the changes I faced, I did have a choice in how I would embrace the change. I chose to emerge from it stronger and find beauty in the chaos of things we are given in life at times. Light  in the darkness of the storm can be found in many life situations. But where light and darkness come together there is beauty to be found.

My hope is that the butterfly will be a  reminder to everyone that through any type of trial you face you can choose to find a way to embrace the change and find your silver lining in the midst of it all. Keeping in mind not all silver linings are going to be exactly how we imagined or wanted them to be... but then again life just happens that way sometimes.

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