Jewelry Care

Caring For Your Piece
Store jewelry in a jewelry box or baggy, and somewhere cool & dry is preferable. Do not store in bathroom as the moisture in there can cause faster oxidization. Avoid perfumes, soaps, or products containing chemicals etc. as they can cause damage to metal and fade the lettering if it is darkened.

Make sure to remove your jewelry before sleeping, showering, playing sports or swimming.

Cleaning & Polishing Your Piece
I suggest using a propolish pad for nugold, copper, brass and alloy metals & a polishing cloth or 100% cotton material for gold filled and sterling silver jewelry.

Do not clean your pieces with any harsh chemicals or liquid cleaners, doing so can ruin the patina in pieces with darkened letters.

Free Services
While I provide helpful info on how to care for your pieces, from polishing it up, to things to avoid I want you to know that if you ever want you are more than welcome to send piece back to me for freshening up or repairs. I don't charge for the ink, or polishing or for my time to provide these services. I even pay to ship it back to you.
The only costs involved is the shipping to send item(s) to me.
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