Forever Loved and Never Forgotten Memorial Ornament

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 A parents love of their child is infinite and when they lose a child they will forever love them and will never forget them. This makes a wonderful bereavement gift.



Each ornament comes with an aluminum circle (2") hand stamped with forever loved (and) never forgotten along the outer edge. Then in the middle is it hand stamped with your choice of name/nickname and/or date, for finishing touch two little feet are stamped at bottom. You get to choose coloring of beads, choose pink & blue to represent the pregnancy infant loss awareness colors.

Please leave note in cart area for the name and/or date you are wanting. Please keep character limit to 13 (this includes spaces and punctuation etc.) If date formate given is to long I will automatically adjust in so it will fit: example If you give December I will shorten to Dec.

Here is a list of materials: 

  1. stamping blanks (are not plated): aluminum (silver color), copper (brown red; think of a penny), brass (yellow), nugold (a warm golden color; mix of copper and brass). The type of metal used will depend on the one listed in above details information or if you can select one then it will be the one you select.

*note aluminum is light weight naturally