Waiting to Bloom Baby Dust Ornament

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Hope is needed when waiting for a little one to bloom within you. The journey through infertility is rough and often has you teetering on the edge of losing hope, but it's little things like baby dust wishes that keep the hope within us. Reminding us what we are striving for.  


Every little detail for this precious baby dust gives you all the little special meaning for some extra hope. The little pink and blue flowers to signify the waiting of a little one to bloom within; while also showcasing the infertility awareness ribbon colors. The baby feet to represent the little one once you hold them and the butterfly charm is symbolic for fertility.

Each mini ornament comes with a glass bauble (1.38" [35mm]) filled with pink and blue flowers and white glitter mixed together. For finishing touch a baby feet and butterfly charm are added.

Each is filled approx. half way allowing for you to shake the dust around

Here is a list of materials: 

  1. charms: alloy based metals (containing a mixture of metals)