Rainbow Baby's First Christmas Ornament

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This hand stamped ornament is the perfect addition to celebrate your rainbow baby's first Christmas. A rainbow baby is a baby who comes after a miscarriage, stillbirth, neonatal death or infant loss. Representing the hope after a storm or to some a promise after the storm.

These make wonderful gifts for those you know who have finally had their rainbow baby.

Each ornament comes with an aluminum circle (2") hand stamped with rainbow baby's 1st christmas along outer edge and then in center baby feet with heart design at bottom and year above that. Then your choice of name above the feet. At the top ribbons are added to represent a rainbow of colors.

When checking out please leave the name you would like added to the ornament in the notes area found in cart. The name is limited to 3 lines and each line is limited to 10 characters and spaces. So you can do first, middle and last or just first and last. If just first name I will move it down a bit. If using all three there will not be a space between year and name as shown in example. Also, please note that the name may be covered some by ribbon depending on length of name.

I do heat the ends of ribbon to help stop fraying, so you may notice some unevenness this happens naturally. When heating it may cause some tinging of brown or black bits on the ends. They are typically super minor as shown in last photo or tip of white hanging ribbon.

Here is a list of materials: 

  1. stamping blanks (are not plated): aluminum (silver color), copper (brown red; think of a penny), brass (yellow), nugold (a warm golden color; mix of copper and brass). The type of metal used will depend on the one listed in above details information or if you can select one then it will be the one you select.

*note aluminum is light weight naturally