Neon Rainbow Baby Dust

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The loss of a little one is difficult after struggling so long to get your little miracle. When you are ready to attempt trying again it can have even more anxiousness, which is why this is the perfect piece to remember the one you lost and that you are continue the fight infertility and trying for a rainbow baby.  


Each little jar is filled with neon dust layered not a rainbow and for finishing touch a baby feet charm and colored ribbons are added to the top.

The jar is 20x19mm.
The glass part is approx. 3/4" in height, without the cork, and a little less than 3/4" width wise.
Cork lids are not glued, and can come out, but I do push them in there so they are tight.
Jars are filled a little over 1/2 full, allowing room for you to shake your baby dust around