Cysters Never Fight Alone Necklace
Cysters Never Fight Alone Necklace
Cysters Never Fight Alone Necklace
Cysters Never Fight Alone Necklace

Cysters Never Fight Alone Necklace

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A necklace which speaks to the beauty of cysterhood. The bond formed when we unite and fight against PCOS together. Knowing we are never alone in this journey.


Each necklace comes with an aluminum circle tag (1") stamped with cysters never fight alone, along with a heart shaped awareness ribbon and vine detailing. For finishing touch two teal beads with a rainbow effect added to them are added. Each bead while containing teal are different is size and shape to represent that PCOS is the common ground each lady is unique in look as well differ in how PCOS affects them; and hang together to represent the unity between cysters in their fight.

Here is a list of materials: 

  1. chain: is stainless steel (not plated and tarnish resistant)
  2. stamping blanks (are not plated): aluminum (silver color), copper (brown red; think of a penny), brass (yellow), nugold (a warm golden color; mix of copper and brass). The type of metal used will depend on the one listed in above details information or if you can select one then it will be the one you select.

*note aluminum is light weight naturally

Chain Sizing:

18” is considered the average size and 24” is considered to be longer. However, note that where a necklace sits will depend on the size of individuals neck and where they prefer it to sit.

hand stamping jewelry

Hand stamping is the process where I use forged metal stamps, which contain letters, numbers, punctuation or designs, a hammer and steel block. I individually strike each letter, number, punctuation or design into the metal to leave an impression. I do not use a machine, nor a press. Many confuse engraving to be the same as hand-stamping, however, it is a very different process. Engraving is machine done in which metal is taken away and usually has no character charm. With hand stamping spacing and impression depth is not exact, which is a charm to the process of hand stamping pieces. It is not to be seen as a flaw, but rather a perfectly imperfect custom hand made unique piece for you to treasure. This has become a form many love and appreciate.

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