Butterfly Baby Dust - SoulCysterCreations
Butterfly Baby Dust - SoulCysterCreations
Butterfly Baby Dust - SoulCysterCreations
Butterfly Baby Dust - SoulCysterCreations
Butterfly Baby Dust - SoulCysterCreations

Butterfly Baby Dust

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This butterfly baby dust speaks wonderfully on how butterflies are symbolic of life, hope and endurance. Reminding us of the life we hope to carry within, the hope we need to keep us going, and the endurance needed for the long journey we've faced and continue to face.

Baby dust is a phrase used in the infertility community; a way of wishing someone all the best in their journey to motherhood. A different way of saying good luck.

When I was first faced with this journey, of infertility, I decided to expand my collection and created the first tangible baby dust for people to have and hold in their journey. Quickly becoming a customer favorite; still to this day.

Make sure to check out all the differing baby dusts I offer. I'm always looking for unique ways to create baby dust with differing meanings. It's not just a jar filled with something, these are created with love, hope and thoughtfulness for those receiving them.


•Each glass jar is filled with butterfly shaped dust
•soft white fabric ribbon added to top of jar
•Each one comes with your choice of hand stamped tags
•Jars filled little over half full, allowing room for you to shake your baby dust

The jar is 25x22mm. Cork lids are not glued, and can come out, but I do push them in there so they are tight.

hand stamping jewelry

Hand stamping is the process where I use forged metal stamps, which contain letters, numbers, punctuation or designs, a hammer and steel block. I individually strike each letter, number, punctuation or design into the metal to leave an impression. I do not use a machine, nor a press. Many confuse engraving to be the same as hand-stamping, however, it is a very different process. Engraving is machine done in which metal is taken away and usually has no character charm. With hand stamping spacing and impression depth is not exact, which is a charm to the process of hand stamping pieces. It is not to be seen as a flaw, but rather a perfectly imperfect custom hand made unique piece for you to treasure. This has become a form many love and appreciate.

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