PCOS Warrior Butterfly Necklace

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Never let PCOS make you feel your life is at an end. Always remember that when the caterpillar thought their life was over they became a butterfly. So on your days you need reminding that your life is not over, but that you have transformed into a warrior instead.


Each necklace comes with an aluminum rectangle (1/4"x1.5") hand stamped with PCOS Warrior.  For the finishing touch tinny tiny teal bead and butterfly charm are added.

Here is a list of materials: 

  1. chain: is stainless steel (not plated and tarnish resistant)
  2. charms: alloy based metals (containing a mixture of metals)
  3. jump rings: are stainless steel and not soldered, but are a thicker gauge so your piece will hold together under normal wear (they are used to hold pendants, charms or beads to chain)
  4. stamping blanks (are not plated): aluminum (silver color), copper (brown red; think of a penny), brass (yellow), nugold (a warm golden color; mix of copper and brass). The type of metal used will depend on the one listed in above details information or if you can select one then it will be the one you select.

*note aluminum is light weight naturally

Chain Sizing:

18” is considered the average size and 24” is considered to be longer. However, note that where a necklace sits will depend on the size of individuals neck and where they prefer it to sit.