Shape Stacked Fertility Stone Necklace

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Fertility stone necklaces are the perfect little piece of hope to wear during your infertility journey. Each stone is known to help with fertility, but most of all it provides a tangible piece of hope during a difficult journey.



Each necklace comes with a round (ball shape) amethyst, flat square moonstone, flat triangle rose quartz, and a button freshwater pearl.

Each are natural and real and will vary in shape and size some and coloring.

Moonstone: has a reflective and  calming energy by balancing emotions due to stress and anxiety. It is known to be the ultimate fertility crystal.

Rose Quartz: is said to have aided in increasing fertility for centuries. It is said to naturally balance a woman’s reproductive system, allowing for my regular cycles.

Pearls: symbolize tears, associate with love, fertility, and birth. Said to balance the body and hormone levels in alignment with lunar cycles. They offer protection from negative energy and events.

Amethyst: promotes patience and calmness which is very much needed during the rollercoaster of emotions while trying to conceive.

It can even be worn during and after pregnancy.

Note that there is no promise of pregnancy or such. These are just what the stones and pearl are known for.

Here is a list of materials: 

  1. chain: is stainless steel (not plated and tarnish resistant)
  2. jump rings: are stainless steel and not soldered, but are a thicker gauge so your piece will hold together under normal wear (they are used to hold pendants, charms or beads to chain)

Chain Sizing:

18” is considered the average size and 24” is considered to be longer. However, note that where a necklace sits will depend on the size of individuals neck and where they prefer it to sit.