Infertility Hand Stamped Baby Dust

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Baby dust is a saying used in the infertility community. It is like saying good luck on your journey to becoming a mother. Whether you are trying naturally or going through fertility treatments these little jars of baby dust offer hope during a journey that tests your patience and hope each and every day.  


Each little jar is filled with white powder dust and silver glitter for finishing touch an aluminum circle (1/2") hand stamped with baby dust and baby feet and pink and blue ribbons are added to the top.

The jar is 20x19mm.
The glass part is approx. 3/4" in height, without the cork, and a little less than 3/4" width wise.
Cork lids are not glued, and can come out, but I do push them in there so they are tight.
Jars are filled a little over 1/2 full, allowing room for you to shake your baby dust around