Heart Baby Dust
Heart Baby Dust
Heart Baby Dust
Heart Baby Dust
Heart Baby Dust

Heart Baby Dust

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Infertility is difficult to face, but the jar of hearts baby dust is the perfect reminder of all the love found within the journey. Love between you and your partner, the love you have a child you have yet to meet... love is what keeps your hope alive during the struggles you face.  


Each little jar is filled with hearts and for finishing touch white ribbon and baby feet charm are added to the top.

You can pick from the following colors:
-pink (on left in photo) is translucent
-red (on right in photo) is solid in color
-mix of both (in middle in photo) is shown in the jar too (just know it may be harder to see the pink since it is translucent in style
*both heart have a rainbow coating, the kind that changes coloring depending on how you look at it in the light

The jar is 20x19mm. 

The glass part is approx. 3/4" in height, without the cork, and a little less than 3/4" width wise.
Cork lids are not glued, and can come out, but I do push them in there so they are tight.
Jars are filled a little over 1/2 full, allowing room for you to shake your baby dust around

If you would like to customize an item or items please fill out form below and I will get back to you. Make sure to provide me with what you are looking to have created.

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