Memorial Coin - SoulCysterCreations
Memorial Coin - SoulCysterCreations
Memorial Coin - SoulCysterCreations
Memorial Coin - SoulCysterCreations
Memorial Coin - SoulCysterCreations

Memorial Coin

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This personalized memorial coin makes the perfect keepsake to keep with you and hold during those moments needed most. Making a wonderful sympathy gift and keepsake.

As a mother of loss and someone who has faced the loss of loved ones and friends memorial pieces are near and dear to my heart. Make sure to check out all my memorial collection  where you can find a variety of keepsake creations.


The coin is made with metal circle (7/8") in your choice of metal and then stamped with name, date, year or wording of choice. For finishing touch you can choose from 1 of 3 designs to add to center; or leave blank.
*you get 1 coin, the photo is to show the differing variations. Depending on the personalization you leave will depend on the style I can use to create the piece. I will use one of the following layouts shown in the example photo.

•aluminum is tarnish resistant and naturally light weight, copper and nugold will oxidize, but many love the aging look it provides the piece. If not it can be polished with a propolish pad
•the stamping blanks are not plated and raw form. no worrying about chipping, peeling or harsh chemical coatings

Note: these cannot be stamped on back, and each metal is a differing thickness.

hand stamping jewelry

Hand stamping is the process where I use forged metal stamps, which contain letters, numbers, punctuation or designs, a hammer and steel block. I individually strike each letter, number, punctuation or design into the metal to leave an impression. I do not use a machine, nor a press. Many confuse engraving to be the same as hand-stamping, however, it is a very different process. Engraving is machine done in which metal is taken away and usually has no character charm. With hand stamping spacing and impression depth is not exact, which is a charm to the process of hand stamping pieces. It is not to be seen as a flaw, but rather a perfectly imperfect custom hand made unique piece for you to treasure. This has become a form many love and appreciate.

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