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I was approached by LaDonna about sharing my story and using some of my photos. I agreed that she could, not fully even knowing what it was for. Just was told it was something she was working on for PCOS Awareness and since I am all for spreading awareness, I agreed.

Then when she reached back out to me a little over a month later to share the link to what she had done I was so touched... I had no idea it was for a magazine. It was awesome to have my story shared in the TEAL MAGAZINE along with so many other awesome Cysters out there. It couldn't have come at a better time as advocacy is hard... it can take a lot out of you and this year with everything personal going on I was feeling I was fading away and somewhere my flame was diminishing; as silly as it sounds it sometimes feels like I am such a small advocate now compared to what I use to do because I truly had to find a balance in self care, so I did step back some in support groups I ran etc, but I still talk with so many who have PCOS ... but what made it worse is I didn't think anyone noticed the bit of advocacy I do and try to do still ...  So many think I make something in giving back to PCOS cause, but sometimes I barely cover the costs and never my time I put into. This year I gave pieces and let PCOS Challenge keep 100% of the funds they made in selling them. Every cause I give back to I take out of my own income, but with PCOS I go beyond because it is near and dear to my heart. The other reason I do is because I completely love how much Sasha and her husband give of their time work diligently to make a difference for those living with PCOS. I love what Sasha does with the PCOS Challenge and have never seen a nonprofit advocate the way it does for those with PCOS. So this is why it is worth every bit I give to the PCOS Challenge.

Thank you LaDonna for sparking my fire again and letting me know I really haven't faded away, and that while this year didn't go as in depth with my advocating due to personal reasons; I am excited to have been given the spark and push to pick myself back up and keep pushing forward in what I love doing the most:
To read full story along with other awesome stories of advocates and even about the PCOS Challenge check it out here:

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