Annual Baby Dust Giveaway Entry Open (2019)

Each year I do a baby dust giveaway to give back to those struggling with infertility. I personally know the struggle and want you to know you are not alone and help give you a chance to have a little token of hope in the form of a baby dust. I will be selecting 10 winners.

Make sure to come back so you can enter daily... yes that is right you can enter daily, giving you extra chances win. Also, you can follow Instagram and Like me on Facebook for more entries into giveaway.

Make sure to share with anyone you know struggling with infertility so they can have a chance to win a jar of baby dust as well.

Please note you will need to connect to Facebook or input an email which is how I will be able to contact you if you win so that I can get your information so I can mail you your baby dust. I will not be using the email for any other purpose.


Extra Giveaway Entry if you leave a Comment to this post. I love getting to know others who are struggling with infertility as well. Feel free to share about your journey thus far.

For me I've been walking the journey since 2003. Though I have been pregnancy I have lost all of them to miscarriage. I sometimes wonder at what point I will want to quit trying, but I still haven't gotten to that point.

I've gone through some fertility treatments, but that ended when I found out my body could not handle the drugs. It actually almost cost me my life and to this day my woman parts have not been the same. I have been pregnant naturally, so I know it could happen again. It just takes me some time as with PCOS it can cause me to be irregular with cycles and ovulation.

But due to reoccurring doctors thought doing treatments would be beneficial in monitoring the process more closely so they could put me on progesterone from the get go. They assume that mine is low and why I have been miscarrying. As in all the test they ran everything else came back good. Even my egg reserve is good and the quality of my eggs are good as well.

Enough about me :) I want to connect with others of you needing some hope in your journey through infertility, so leave a comment below and earn an entry into the giveaway.

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